Military Scams: A New Risk in Online Dating

The major match-making sites like and eHarmony offer valuable services, and are effective at bringing people together. Social networking sites like Facebook also are connecting people via the internet and friendship and even love is often found online. Not to mention the countless other online dating and social networking sites. But, this new online meeting platform of… Read More »

Where To Meet Asian Women

Dating Asian women is fast becoming a trend these days especially in the United States. There are several reasons why American men prefer to date these girls. Some find their exotic beauty to be quite mysterious and attractive while others find their lithe, petite frame demanding of their protection. Others find Asian women to be loyal partners who… Read More »

Where To Meet Women To Date?

Women exist in your neighborhood or apartment building. They go to work in the same building and company that you have been working for in the past few years of your life and meeting them is almost an everyday routine. You can greet them with casual hellos on the door, staircase and in the elevator. While on the… Read More »

Dating Rules And When To Break Them

Do this and don’t do that. The dating world incorporates a sometimes unspoken set of rules that has got to be followed to find success in your love life. Or do they? What rules? You know there’s a book about “The Rules” ladies should follow, but men conjointly have some rules that can be broken. Let’s talk about… Read More »

Dating Tips For Women

Women have some general rules that they should follow when entering the dating jungle. In every society there are a predefined set of social rules we follow, from the way and timing of eating to the way we behave in public. The issue here is that when women date, there are some things that can help them be… Read More »